Fiandre furniture – an original solution for office and home

In step with the latest trends in office and home decoration, Cult brings you high quality furniture from the Italian brand Fiandre. Advanced technology, sophisticated materials and modern design are the hallmarks of the Fiandre brand, which in its rich offer offers a wide range of architectural surfaces for home and office.

Innovative materials with special finishes will turn your space into an architectural sculpture while creative details and shapes will give a new dimension to surfaces in all rooms of your home or office, such as tables, doors, ceilings or sliding doors suitable for office interiors. Combinations of light and shadow, as well as original decorative solutions also come in various effective variants such as marble, stone, wood and others.

In addition, all Fiandra brand materials are made of 100% natural materials, such as quartz, clay, kaolin, feldspar, natural coloring agents and the like. Committed to top quality, the Fiandre brand has many internationally recognized certificates that guarantee materials produced in accordance with the rules of sustainable development and quality, such as LEED or EDP certificates.