Ecological natural materials as eternal inspiration

Ecological awareness today is an unquestionable and indispensable item of every renowned production of materials for interiors and exteriors, with natural materials are becoming increasingly popular in the design and arrangement of space. Ceramic tiles for the decoration of various substrates in addition to their natural appearance can be extremely aesthetically expressive without losing the value of quality.

Cult brings you the world-renowned brand Laminam, which is dedicated to the production and creation of the latest solutions in the production of facades, floor and wall coverings or furniture whose vision is to create production based on natural materials. Inspired by nature, the Laminam brand uses as much as 94% of materials from natural sources, while the other 6% consists of glass, pigments and other binders.

Laminam creates ceramic tiles that oppose the traditional use of this material. By creating large areas with a minimum thickness, this material becomes suitable for outdoor use, interior decoration or furniture. Innovative solutions in the design of ceramic tiles of extremely small thickness have created a new product that characterizes the body and surface continuity. Choose only the best for your space and equip your home or business space with top-quality Laminam ceramic tiles with Cult.