Eco-friendly materials – an ideal solution for a healthier environment

Ecology awareness is one of the most popular today’s topics, and in addition to being used in everyday life, there are also eco-friendly materials for home or office fittings, such as ceramic tiles, which can contribute to sustainable development.

Cult brings you the prestigious Italian brand for ceramic tiles Fiandre, which combines aesthetics, quality and ecology into a unique product. Ceramic tiles from these collections stand out using advanced technology in ceramic processing. Eco-active materials technology Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic ™ is a
novelty in the ceramic industry, which, in the interaction with the environment, contributes to reduced environmental pollution by using titanium dioxide.

Stylish and decorative solutions, whether it be your home or office space, will create a unique atmosphere and ambience. Glossy surfaces, elegant details and harmonious finishing touches will breathe a touch of style and elegance into every space. Fiandre’s collections offer a wide variety of styles in their diverse offer. The Marmi maximum collection, for example, offers above average tiles, which is also one of the revolutionary breakthroughs of the Fiandre brand.