Design, exclusivity and the pursuit of perfection

Making a personal mark on a bathroom, one of the most intimate parts of a home, is becoming an element of particular importance in a busy everyday life. Individualizing the space brings a touch of personality, thus eliminating the sterility and one-dimensionality of the bathroom. Cult brings you the Axor brand, a world-renowned brand of bathroom accessories that creates a special dimension in space with its individualistic designs.

Whether it’s modern, classic, minimalist or urban design, the Axor brand offers a whole range of styles. Top quality and unsurpassed design are the features of Axor mixer for the bathroom or kitchen. Axor also offers customized showers and mixers that can be custom-made. The color is also personalized as desired, so the palette will find glossy finishing touches from gold to black. Exceptional quality is also reflected in the scratch-resistant formula. The durability and robustness of the design are ideal for hotels as well. Form makes perfection as the motto of Axor’s style, reflects a principle that is imprinted in every move and in every detail.