Decorate your dream garden with DECO deckings

Cult represents the company DECO that produces deckings for your dream garden. The company DECO produces coverings for private and public, outdoor and indoor spaces. Thanks to its resistant material, the coverings do not require maintenance. Due to the minimalist look of the surfaces, nature and greenery stand out. Floor coverings are made of various types of wood, so their appearance blends with the environment. In addition to being used for floor coverings, DECO deckings can also be placed on walls. In the DECO product collection you can find the ideal ratio of design and quality. Not only are they decorative, but they are extremely functional and of high quality. They look like new even after 25 years of being installed. DECO cladding can also be used to decorate swimming pools, spas, sidewalks, marinas, gazebos, gardens and urban paths.