Creativity and art carved in stone

Stone is a natural material that bears the mark of eternity, and is one of the most valuable and high quality materials that can be used to decorate your home or business space. Natural and stylish finish lines will bring an artistic tone to your space. Cult brings you the world-famous Petra Antiqua brand, whose twenty-year tradition of natural stone craft has turned into true art. Superior architectural design from the collections of this famous brand, with its unique and inspirational vision, will breathe new life into your space.

The variety of finish lines, textures and design of one or more types of stone, as well as creative artistic details on the surface of the stone, are distinctive features of Peter Antiqua’s brand. In the wide variety of original and original collections offered by Peter Antiqua, you will find classic, ancient, Renaissance or modern minimalist shapes and designs for every type of stone. In addition to various shapes and designs, you can also choose different colors of stone, such as cold white, warm white, gray, green, red and more. Beautify your home with high quality stone, which will breathe a touch of elegance into your space!