Creative and asymmetrical ceramic design

Ceramic elements in the bathroom are a fundamental part of the design of this space, and their design and shape can greatly change the structure and perception of the bathroom itself. In addition to quality, if you are looking for a unique design and specific form of toilet, Cult is the right place for you.

To give your bathroom a modern design style, Cult brings the Italian brand Laufen, which has a variety of collections of custom design sanitary ware. Ilbagnoalessi One’s collection, signed by designer Stefano Giovannoni, brings a whole range of interesting shapes that will fit in every bathroom. The most significant features of this collection are timeless design, creativity and a slight eccentricity of form.

Whether it’s a sink, toilet, urinal, bidet or bathtub, the Ilbagnoalessi One collection is specific in its oval and sensual shapes. For example, the washbasin of this collection was named Tam-tam because of its specific drum-like shape. The quality and prestige of this brand is also world-renowned, which is supported by numerous international awards, such as the Design Plus Awards.