Company Cielo: Innovative and unique collections of ceramic bathroom furniture

The Cielo company, based in Italy, is known for its handmade ceramics. The company is a product of the idea of ​​Alessio Coramusi, who comes from an ancient family of master potters from the late 1800s. After many years of work, innovative and original collections of bathroom furniture have been created. Extremely thin and modern design make their ceramics unique and inimitable. The latest collections, Siwa, Multiplo and Delfo, best show the functionality and beauty of Cielo’s design. The Siwa collection presents ceramic sinks that exude geometric precision. Washbasins represent a minimalist, but refined style. For those who like more dynamic and versatile designs, there is the Multiplo collection. The combination of wood and ceramics is presented in the Delfo collection.

In addition to the above, Cielo offers a multitude of recognizable, elegant and functional collections of ceramic products. If you want to see them, visit Cult, whose range includes Cielo products.