BerryAlloc® high-pressure and elegant floors

BerryAlloc® produces high-pressure and solid floors whose aesthetics have merged with high technology. The design of these very durable floors exudes harmony and elegance. Proof of their endurance is visible in the fact that they can withstand heavy loads and different typses of shocks. However, the question that arises is why are they so specific, that is, why do they stand out? They are the toughest on the market, concluding prestigious contracts like those for Heathrow Airport or the Universal Exhibition in Milan 2015. BerryAlloc® high pressure floors are popular among architects who believe that floors also fit perfectly in private homes. The home decorating world embraced them with enthusiasm. These floors do not create noise, i.e. they do not creak or absorb water. Also, by choosing BerryAlloc flooring, you get a lifetime warranty for residential premises and a 10-year warranty for commercial premises. Floors are the ideal solution for all commercial, business and residential spaces.