Bathroom accessories in your own style

Looking for elegance when it comes to decorating your bathroom? You are at the right place!

Cult d.o.o. is a company specialized in the sale of floor and wall coverings, wellness and spa collection products, stand-alone furniture and bathroom accessories. 

We pay particular attention to the aesthetics so that all products can fit into your decor. At your disposal you have a wide range od products that you can modify according to your own style. Different colors, styles and dimensions of the products leave you plenty options for decorating your bathroom. 

Details on bathroom accessories show you the whole range of creativity that will meet the guidelines of design trends. 

In addition, there is a successful combination of aesthetics and functionality. Using the most exclusive products you can create an ideal bathroom for you and your loved ones.

We offer numerous solutions for everyone who upholds to the principles of minimalist decorating, because as you know – less is more.

Feel free to choose high quality bathroom accessories as you will achieve a new dimension of interior design. 

Visit us in Split and make your home unique and warm place to live.