A dream-come-true bathroom – detailed perfection of Keuco products

KEUCO stands out with the contemporary and technically innovative products. The high standard of quality, a clear design orientation, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are KEUCOs’ best properties. What makes KEUCO different is the functionality and the product design. The clarity of the design language found in the 90 degree angle is reflected consistently throughout the entire collection of bathroom elements – from fittings and accessories to washbasin, furniture and light mirrors. Each product has a specific detail that makes it unique. The luxurious design of the wall-mounted ceramic washbasin includes an integrated trap in the washbasin which cannot be seen from the front, and a slender slot drain that is practically invisible. The furniture range is complemented by a wall-hung or floor-standing central cupboard, optionally with furniture legs or skirting boards. With two LED light sources arranged at the sides, the EDITION 90 light mirror provides flawless and shadow-free facial illumination. Those are only some of the products that represent innovative ideas of the KEUCO brand. Cult offers you to see more of the perfectly detailed KEUCO products to make your bathroom a dream come true.