A design that exudes tradition and antiquity

If you want to bring a touch of antique elegance into your home, natural stone flooring is the right solution for you. The beauty hidden in the stone will create a special ambience in any space, whether it is a bedroom, living room, kitchen or office space.

The Cult brings the prestigious collections of the Italian brand Petra Antiqua, whose quality is recognized worldwide. Style, elegance and beauty in every line of the stone, are the special characteristics of the brand Petra Antiqua, which in its collections reveals the art of processing this precious material.

Stone in the hands of skilled craftsmen becomes true art, and with every detail, every move exudes the history of this timeless noble material. The Epoca and Tumbled collections, for example, bring to life the beauty of a tradition of the past, and natural stonework, without the use of chemicals, contributes to authenticity and emphasizes its natural beauty. Beautifully shaped stone lines bring a breath of the past to the space, and apart from style and elegance, expertly crafted stone is a guarantee of quality and durability.