3D design as the first step from idea to realization

Before investing in interior design, you need to think carefully about wishes and options to tailor your home to your needs. Planning is one of the most important steps in creating the perfect interior, and 3D design, nowadays an increasingly popular visualization technique, has many advantages. Visualizing the space in graphical form will help you find the optimal solution for your interior and give you a virtual look into your future home. Finding the optimal solution is essential to the visual balance of space, and Cult offers you a specialized service that can help you breathe an individual touch into your home.

In addition, Cult’s diverse offerings, in conjunction with top domestic and foreign brands, bring a myriad of choices to equip your home or business space. The offer includes everything from wall and floor coverings, a wide range of sanitary equipment, bathroom accessories, wellness and spa assortments all the way to piece furniture. With the expert guidance of Cult staff, make your wishes come true and turn your home into its best possible version!